Dreen Olma

“I decided to try the LadyCare, and my thought was If it doesn’t work at least it it’s not cost an arm and a leg, so I ordered one online, it only took a couple of days to arrive, and I started using it straight away, it is the best money I have spent. I have told all my friends about it, and their friends have been told about it too, and as far as I know, they have all bought one and had success.

I have had mine for about eight months now and wouldn’t be without it.”


I had a hysterectomy when I was 46 and was on HRT for around 10 years although still had hot flushes when I was on HRT. Flushes continued and for the past 4-5 years have been really bad, making me feel so uncomfortable. There was no point in putting makeup on or styling my hair because by about an hour after I would have horrible hot flushes which last for half an hour to an hour and by the end of that time my hair was dripping and any makeup washed away.

Someone gave me an article by Belinda Carlisle about your product and I immediately sent for it. I started using it just before Christmas and have worn it ever since, it took a few weeks for flushes to stop but now I can put on makeup and do my hair when I get up and feel confident that it will stay there. Having little or no hot flushes has changed my life! Great product and have recommended it to several other people. Thank you!



“I would like to say how happy I am with my LadyCare device. I was getting up to ten hot sweats a day and night. So thank you.”

Kim Abbot

“I can honestly say that it has revolutionised my life. I had been experiencing hot flushes, mood swings and, worst of all, panic attacks over things that had never before bothered me, such as driving. Within two weeks, the panic attacks had gone, my temperament reverted back to its normal self, and I had only a couple of hot flushes per day. And I lost 5lbs into the bargain.

I would recommend any woman who is experiencing adverse effects from the menopause to give it a go. She will be gloriously surprised.”


The effect on my blander has be startling
– RD. Guildford
I am no longer getting up in 2 or 3 times in the night
– NC. Preston
Pro-Health has helped me regain my confidence
– PT. Sheffield
Within a few months of wearing Pro-Health, my incontinence has improved
– SH. Norwich