simple rules for losing weight during menopause

simple rules for losing weight during menopause

If a woman is gaining weight, she should not be considering this as tragedy. Since menopause is a special period, weight loss rules are also special. It is generally difficult to prescribe rules, rather there are small secrets that every woman in menopausal age should know.
• Psychological attitude towards menopause. For weight loss during menopause, your initial attitude is very important. The beginning of menopause is not always pleasant, but it is not a cause of tragedy or stop loving life. Yes, during the menopause you will have to deny many things, but life is incredible and interesting even without food. So try to enjoy the specific situation. Do not think all the time "I'm fat" and I'm always filling up, but tune in with the thought that everything is getting up and coming to my place.
• Learn to lose weight properly! While vpo younger age, you can load your organism with vsezvazmozhni diets, mono diets, fasting or fasting .... But in the period of menopause such procedures have absolutely taboo prohibition as these experiments may significantly worsen hot flashes, cause dizziness or just feel bad. You should eat a variety of organic food that is predominantly biologically checked, with weight being self-regulating and slowly starting to lose weight. Menopause medications and supplements will also not help if you do not stick to proper nutrition.
• You should eat enough, but in small portions about 4-6 times a day. Your portion should be about 300 grams, you do not have to overeat. In this case, the food will serve to provide energy to the body and good tone, not for deposition and accumulation of fat.
• For the metabolism to work properly, you should help. What prevents proper metabolism is accumulated slag in the body. The easiest way to get rid of them is to drink plenty of fluids, at least 6 glasses a day. And this should be just water, not juices, teas or other beverages.
If you are so hungry that you seem to be able to "eat an entire horse," you can have a simple trick to spoil your body by simply eating a single-footed food. grapefruit, apple or pear. In the extreme case, it can also be a green salad or cabbage leaf. If you have nothing on hand, just drink a glass of water. And then you can eat your usual portion.
If you have a habit of throwing food and eating fast without chewing, then this habit is time to eradicate it. If you eat this way, not only does not disappear hunger, not stodgy, but feel constantly gladni.Ne need to hurry, just sit down and enjoy a meal, taking extra mile to chew is slow swallow. Changing your diet not only helps you lose weight, it also protects you from choking.
Many young and older women in the morning spend a lot of time on makeup, morning hygiene and hairstyles and ignore breakfast, which is totally wrong. Morning necessarily be breakfast and during menopause, breakfast should be abundant and rich in protein and complex products vaglehidrati.Preporachani morning - cheese, cottage cheese, not too fat dairy products, fruit salads, boiled chicken, bread. Mayonnaise is prohibited. Drinks in the morning may be milk, tea and not very strong coffee without sugar.