Do You Wear LadyCare at Night?

Do You Wear LadyCare at Night?

Do You Wear LadyCare at Night?


LadyCare is a device which may reduce or eliminate symptoms of menopause and perimenopause. It’s already used by over Half a Million women in the UK alone, but also widely used across the world. The LadyCare Plus device should be worn 24/7 throughout menopause, including during the night. 

When you first start wearing LadyCare Plus it is crucial to wear it solidly for a minimum of 3 full months before assessing the benefits. Skipping days or forgetting to wear the device some days will set you back. This is because LadyCare uses magnetic therapy along with a unique patented directional device focusing the power at the parasympathetic receptor located in the pelvic area, rebalancing the ANS (autonomic nervous system).

Our Trials have shown that the natural reduction in oestrogen and progesterone causing an imbalance of the ANS which is responsible for the majority of the debilitating symptoms women experience. 

If you are not yet fully menopausal, but you are still suffering from typical menopause symptoms, it could be perimenopause. This is the time leading up to menopause when those hormones begin to slowly reduce. You can start wearing LadyCare during this time and continue throughout menopause. We recommend replacing LadyCare after 5 years.

Beyond this, a growing number of women wear LadyCare after menopause into their 60s and 70s for extended benefits such as:

  • Thicker and stronger hair
  • Weight control Bloating 
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Better skin tone

How Do I Wear LadyCare?

LadyCare is made up of two parts. A large pear-shaped part and a small round button. They clasp together using a very strong magnet force (but please remember LadyCare is much more than simply just a magnet). 

You should first remove the round button and place the pear-shaped part on the inside of your undergarments. The small button is placed on the outside of your underwear to secure the device in place. LadyCare should be in contact with the skin. 

When you first start wearing LadyCare blood flow increases in the area where it’s worn and on rare occasions, this can appear slightly redder than usual. This is nothing to be concerned about, It will pass in a couple of days.

We know how easy it is to lose things, even those things we use or wear every day. That’s why we’ve made it simple to order a replacement button directly from our official website. 

How Often Should I Wear LadyCare?

LadyCare is designed to be worn 24/7. The benefits that women receive will stop when LadyCare is removed, we advise only removing LadyCare for the following reasons:

  • When bathing/showering
  • When swimming to avoid losing it
  • When going through airport security (to avoid embarrassment)

We really can’t stress enough just how important it is that LadyCare is worn correctly and for the correct amount of time. This is for the best results possible! Sadly LadyCare will not work for every single woman, we are all different after all. The device works for over 71% of women (based on our survey), so there is an very good chance it could work for you too. Patience can sometimes be needed in the first few weeks.

What if I don’t wear Underwear to Bed?

LadyCare works best when attached to underwear. We understand that not all women like to wear underwear to bed, so although we recommend a breathable pair of undergarments for night time we also have another suggestion. LadyCare will also work if you secure it in place with some body-tape. It Is very Important to always include the small round button as it contains the directional device.

Many women have reported this as an effective workaround for night-time, where underwear is not comfortable or desirable. 

Is LadyCare Safe to Wear at Night?

LadyCare uses natural techniques to rebalance the ANS which is offset during menopause and perimenopause. The device is 100% safe to wear and use even during the night.

Moving around in bed should not knock the device off due to the secure and powerful connection between the two parts. If you do find the device is detaching during the night, try a thinner pair of briefs. 

Can LadyCare Help with Night Sweats?

Hot flushes, night sweats and mood swings are the three most common symptoms that LadyCare has been reported to help with. So many women struggle with night sweats, which are not only uncomfortable and inconvenient but can also be embarrassing. 

LadyCare is not limited to helping with just these three symptoms.We carried   a survey out with the British Association of Women Police, LadyCare was proven to help up to 71% of women with up to 24 different symptoms of menopause:

  • Hot flushes
  • Night Sweats
  • Better Skin Tone
  • More Energy
  • Improved Mood
  • Weight Reduction
  • Irregular Or Heavy Periods
  • Heart Palpitations
  • Loss Of Sex Drive
  • Vaginal Dryness
  • Lack Of Concentration
  • Lapses Of Memory
  • Urinary Incontinence
  • Bladder Infections
  • Hair Loss
  • Digestive Problems: Indigestion, Cramping, Nausea
  • Painful Sore Muscles, Tendons And Joints
  • Breast Soreness Or Tenderness
  • Increased Muscle Tension

For LadyCare to work correctly and assist with night sweats, as well as other symptoms it must be worn to bed every single night. 

LadyCare is often the method of choice for those women struggling through menopause but looking for a natural alternative to HRT (hormone replacement therapy). This is often due to the side effects women have experienced on HRT or women who simply want to avoid this route altogether. 

Since LadyCare is natural and safe, consisting of no medication, it’s okay to wear LadyCare alongside HRT or any other forms of treatment. 

Finally, our top tip when you start wearing LadyCare is to drink plenty of water to help with any detoxification also try to reduce your stress wherever possible. We know this is easier said than done, but reducing extreme, high and ongoing stress can help LadyCare work better and quicker. If you have any further questions you might be able to drop us a message on, call the helpline (0893668850) or send us an email at