Diet and menopause

Diet and menopause

What is the diet for menopause and is it necessary at all?
The menopause diet is necessary for those who want to postpone a little menopause, stay young and beautiful longer and just feel good, work hard and enjoy life.
The main goals of the menopause diet are:
Removing edema of the extremities and of the whole body as a whole, as water-salt metabolism slows down with age. Properly organized nutrition helps to normalize blood pressure and prevents its sudden changes. Stimulates the work of the heart and blood vessels.
Proper nutrition helps to normalize heat transfer processes in the body. And if this is done properly, it will immediately get rid of the most unpleasant symptom of menopause - hot flashes. If you can not get rid of them completely, you can at least reduce their duration, intensity and frequency. The menopause diet in women with hot flashes helps to get rid of excessive sweating.
Normalizing nutrition leads to a cheerful mood and separate anxiety, irritability and sensitivity are reduced and sleep quality normalizes.
If a woman is eating properly, she will never have problems weight gain.
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