How soon should I notice benefits?

Do not be surprised if you notice benefits within the first few days, however to receive significant long term benefits it is important that LadyCare is worn continuously, 24 hours a day (to include overnight) as per instructions. Drink plenty of water to help your body through the initial adjustment period.

- Can I wear LadyCare to the airport?

There are thousands of women that travel daily whilst using LadyCare. It is very unlikely you would experience a problem going through security.

- Can I wear LadyCare with a coil?

There have been no reported contraindication with LadyCare.

- Can I use LadyCare if I am diabetic?

Yes, there has been may reported cases of sugar levels being reduced. While this is good news, discuss the possible reduction of your medication if necessary with your doctor.


Reduce or completely eliminate symptoms of menopause - naturally!

Simply wearing LadyCare may help to reduce or completely alleviate hot flushes, palpitations, muscle tension and anxiety. It may also help to reduce bloating, breast tenderness, irritability and mood swings. Energy levels may gradually increase, you may also find you are able to sleep more restfully.

Simply attach your LadyCare to your underwear in the pelvic area with the large, curved face placed against your skin (inside your underwear) and the small button on the outside of the underwear. For optimum results your LadyCare should be work as much as possible (24 hrs).

The most significant changes should take place in the first month of wearing, with other benefits following more steadily over the next few months. Regardless of which stage of the menopause, it is important to continue wearing LadyCare.

The long-term use of LadyCare is perfectly safe and should be used for the duration. Reducing the use of LadyCare prematurely could result in your symptoms returning, sometimes very quickly. If you are in the initial stages of menopause you may experience a recurrence of a period. Don't worry - this is not uncommon and quite safe.

When first starting to wear LadyCare, some may experience an unusual 'detox' effect, making you feel for a day or so, as though you were stating a cold. Drink plenty of water and it will soon pass.

Safety & Side Effects

LadyCare, a gentle, natural and safe alternative to drugs. The success of LadyCare is achieved by using a negative pole next to your body. Unfortunately, some magnetic products being sold are bipolar or use the opposite pole. In such cases this can conflict with your LadyCare. You may need to check when using other magnetic product as many cases of mild nausea have been reported to us.