How does Pro-Health help?

Pro-Health helps support prostate health, andropause (male menopause), sleep, urinary and stress problems.

Pro-Health can assist with many symptoms of the male menopause, these include:

- Irritability, stress

- Frequent mood swings

- Disturbed sleep, insomnia and fatigue

- Erectile dysfunction

- Lack of sexual desire or low libido

- Skin problems

- Control of urination and bladder function.

Most men saw improvements in just a few weeks

Our studies also suggest that Pro-Health may have an effect by improving circulation, a calming of the nerve signals, and a change in the behaviour of the cells in the healing process.

Achieve Maximum Benefits

To achieve maximum benefits it is important to be worn continuously 24 hours a day. The more you wear it the quicker you will notice difference, normally within the first couple of weeks. For more serious erectile problems, please be more patient as it would normally take a little longer to obtain a full erection.