Symptoms of Andropause

Mood Swings
Loss of muscle mass 
Reduction in ability to exercise 
Lack of energy and enthusiasm 
Loss of sleep and increased tiredness (insomnia)
Erectile dysfunction
Loss of libido
Fat redistribution (increased abdominal fat and gynaecomastia [breast growth])
Loss of body hair
Lower bone density
Short term memory
Increased nervousness
Skin alterations
Reduced intellectual and cognitive function
Difficulty concentrating
Urination & balder control

Pro-Health may help with some of these symptoms.


Scientific evidence suggests that ANS hyperactivity is signification associated with an increase in the urgency to urinate, as a consequence, could also aggravate the part of the system that deals with sexual arousal.

Our research over many years has shown an improvement in:

  • Reducing the need to urinate as often, especially at night
  • A restful sleep for you and your partner.