Will it help me with my mood swings?

Yes, it has been reported there has been a reduction in mood swings, depression and anxiety over many years.

Can mn8 help with acne / facial stains?

Yes, many users have reported a reduction.

Can I use mn8 to help tighten my chest?

Yes, place the large curved part facing the breast on the inside of your bra with the small retaining button on the outside.

Can I use mn8 while taking a birth control pill?

No reported counter indications with the use of mn8.

Can I wear mn8 if I have a spiral?

No reported counter indications with the use of mn8 together with the coil.

I suffer from endometriosis can help mn8?

Yes, women have reported using mn8 has reduced the discomfort. It is important to use (24 hrs) continuously.

Can I use mn8 while trying to get pregnant?

This is perfectly safe. Some women believe it has helped them to become pregnant.

Can I use mn8 while I'm pregnant?

mn8 can be used until pregnancy is confirmed. mn8 is advised to be used immediately after childbirth as this has been reported to help to improve the healing process as well as ease discomfort.

I am a diabetic and I use an insulin syringe motor, can i use mn8?

There has been no report of adverse effects.

No side effects reported

- Under / over active thyroid;
- Epilepsy;
- Metal pins or implants;
- Taking medicines for blood pressure;
- Adoption of herbal supplements / medicines.