What is MN8

mn8 is small powerful static negative pole device that attaches comfortably and discreetly to the front of your underwear.

For what use is mn8?

mn8 has been reported to help period/menstrual pain also endometriosis and fibroids.

Is it safe for all ages?

Yes, our aim was to develop a safe and natural product for young girls and women suffering with period/menstrual discomforts. (Including endometriosis, fibroids etc.)

How often do I use my mn8?

For normal period pain mn8 should be worn a couple of days before and during your period.

For severe discomfort mn8 should be worn as much as possible (24 hrs day) through to at least the end of your second period.

For extreme discomfort including endometriosis, fibroids etc mn8 is safe to use (24 hrs day) continuously. mn8.uk.com are proud to work with Endometriosis 

Where can I wear my mn8?

Approximately 4 inches below the navel a few inches to the left or right is fine.

How to install my mn8 ?

Separate the small round button from the main pear shape piece. Place the pear shape piece on the inside of your underwear with the curved face against your body. Place the small round button on the outside of your underwear.