Terms of delivery

1. Delivery of all items independent of their value and free.
2. Deliveries are made in all settlements in Bulgaria.
3. Delivery of requested items will be implemented after specifying the payment and post it.
4. Delivery is made within 5 working days after confirmation of payment.
5. To speed up the procedure for adopting the order and its delivery please contact us at the site coordinates.
6. If the customer is not found in the execution time of delivery at the address or do not provide access to the transmission conditions of the contract within the specified period, it shall be deemed invalid and ASSIST Ltd be exempt from the obligation to make delivery.
7. If the customer has confirmed to receive his ordered items and was not found or did not provide access to delivery the tax for re-delivery is on his behalf.
8. If the client require a third person to obtain ordered items must notify ASSIST Ltd and provide data for the third person.