MN8 is a small, powerful, drug free device, which attaches discreetly to your underwear. It is designed specifically to combat period pain and other symptoms of menstruation. We also believe that wearing mn8 may also boost your body naturally, giving you softer skin, shiny hair and stronger nails.

Other benefits may include, a reduction in water retention or bloating, less facial spots and breast tenderness. Even a reduction in PMS or “mood swings”. Every month simply attach your mn8 to your under clothes in the pelvic area at least a day before and during menstruation or use continuously for severe long term pain including endometriosis. For breast tenderness, wear your mn8 inside your bra. It has been reported for many years that mn8 helps with Endometriosis.

How MN8 Helps

MN8 may help with some of the following causes:

- Period Pain

- PMS Symptoms 

- Breast Tenderness

- Reduce Facial Spots

- Endometriosis

- Water Retention & Bloating